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At SUNTRAIL we carry a complete line of Cross-Country (Nordic) skis, boots, bindings, poles and accessories that will satisfy everyone from the beginning shuffler to the advanced racer.

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Our knowledgeable staff will endeavor to ensure that you are fitted with the right kind and size of equipment to suit your style and ability level. Drop by the store and see our wide selection and great prices for yourself, or scroll down this page to get a glimpse of what we have to offer; and if you want more info Contact Us.

For the most up-to-date cross-country skiing information or to register for ski memberships please visit our local ski clubs – Bruce Ski ClubSauble Ski Club, and the Owen Sound Ski Club.


Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer Back Country Crown $229.95$219.95
Fischer Outback 68 Crown BC $399.95SALE $150.00
Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer Sports Crown IFP $144.95$134.95
Fischer Fibre Crown IFP $199.95$189.95
Fischer Sport Glass NIS $229.95SALE $149.95
Fischer Superlite Crown IFP $389.95SALE $299.95
Fischer Superlite Wax $419.95$199.95 SALE
Salomon Escape 6 Grip $189.95149.95 SALE
Salomon Snowscape 7 $199.95$179.95
Salomon Snowscape Vitane 7 $199.95$179.95
Salomon Aero 7 eSkin $249.95$229.95
Fischer Twin Skin X-Lite $419.95$349.95 SALE
Fischer Twin Skin Sport IFP$199.95$189.95
Salomon Escape 5 Grip $139.95$124.95
Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer SCS Skate IFP$394.95SALE $349.95
Salomon Equipe 8 Skate / Vitane 8 Skate$299.95$219.95 SALE
Fischer SC Skate IFP$274.95SALE $249.95
Salomon RS8 Skate$299.95$279.95
Salomon RS7 Skate$229.95$199.95
Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer SCS Skate IFP$159.95$149.95
Sprint Crown IFP$109.95$99.95
Salomon RS Junior Skate $199.95$179.95


Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Salomon Escape Prolink / Vitane Prolink$139.95$124.95
Salomon Escape Plus Prolink/Vitane Plus Prolink$179.95$169.95
Salomon RS8 Prolink Skate / Vitane 8 Prolink Skate $299.95


Salomon Escape 5 TR $139.95$112.95 SALE
Salomon Active/Equipe Pilot (Combi) $249.95$206.95
Fischer Offtrack 3BC / 3BC My Style $199.95$189.95
Fischer XC Pro $124.95$114.95
Fischer XC Pro WS$124.95$114.95
Fischer XC Comfort $159.95$149.95
Fischer XC Comfort My Style *$159.95$149.95
Salomon Escape 5/Siam 5 PROLINK $139.95SALE $119.95
Salomon Pro Combi Prolink $289.95$269.95
Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer XJ Sprint $99.95$94.95
Fischer Snowstar $119.95$89.95
Salomon Skiathalon Jr. $169.95$129.95 SALE
Salomon Skiathalon Jr. Prolink $179.95$169.95


Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer Rottefella BCX Auto $119.95$109.95
Fischer BCX Magnum $119.95$109.95
Salomon Profil Auto Universal $69.95$59.95
Salomon Profil Equipe Classic$89.95$69.95
Salomon Pilot Sport Classic/Skate$89.95$79.95
Salomon Pilot Equipe Skate $109.95$99.95
Fischer Touring Classic NIS $69.95$39.95 SALE
Fischer Touring Classic NIS My Style $69.95$39.95 SALE
Fischer Basic Auto$59.95$49.95
Fischer Basic Auto My Style$59.95$49.95
Salomon PROLINK Access Classic/Skate $89.95$79.95
Salomon SNS Pilot Combi $69.95$49.95 SALE
Fischer Control Step-in IFP $64.95$59.95
Fischer Race Skate IFP $84.95$74.95
Salomon Prolink Auto *$69.95$59.95
Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Fischer XC Jr. Screw-In $69.95$39.95 SALE
Fischer XC Jr. NIS $74.95$39.95 SALE
Fischer Tour Step-in JR. IFP $44.95$39.95
Fischer Race Skate Jr. IFP $74.95$69.95
Salomon Prolink Race Jr. Skate $59.95$49.95


Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Swix Nordic Aluminum / Women $24.95$19.95
Salomon Escape/Escape Vitane $44.95$39.95
Quantum Six (Just Click) $119.95$109.95
Salomon R20 $89.95$79.95
Swix Quantum Seven$79.95$72.75
Salomon Escape Outpath$59.95$49.95
Swix Aluminum Light XFit $109.95



Salomon X-ADV Escape $69.95$44.95 SALE
Swix Carbon TBS$289.95



Swix RC Pro (Just Click)$129.95$89.95 SALE
Make & ModelRegular PricePackage Price
Swix Snowpath Blue / Purple $24.95$19.95
Swix Jr. Cross – Red $29.95$24.95
Salomon Carbon Jr. $69.95$59.95
Salomon Vario Jr. $99.95$89.95


TURNAMIC® Touring binding with very user-friendly entry mechanism and high skiing comfort with maximum stability and ski control. Individual adjustment possible in seconds and tool-free.