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Kayaks are sold in-store only.

Buying a kayak can be a daunting task but we are here to help!


There are a few main categories when it comes to kayaking the common ones that we carry include:

- Recreational: usually 10 ft. to 12 ft. long and can be sit-in or sit-on-top

- Sea/Touring: often 13ft. and above and are commonly seen with either a rudder or skeg to help with tracking

- Tandem: are usually above 14ft. and can be geared towards recreational and touring paddling trips

Some other categories can include whitewater, surfing, racing and so many more.

Our store specializes in sea/touring, recreational and tandem kayaking and recommend stopping by the store and talking to our knowledgeable staff to determine what style of kayak is best for you.

It is important to determine where you will be doing most of your paddling. The areas in which you paddle will be reflected in what style of kayak you choose.

- Small Lakes and Rivers: Recreational kayaks thrive in this environment because they are extremely maneuverable which means the you can easily paddle your way around logs and shallow areas where other kayaks and boats cannot reach

- Large Lakes, Great Lakes and Georgian Bay: Sea/touring kayaks are great for paddling in larger bodies of water where they can track and handle windy conditions better than recreational kayaks. This is a great category to explore and can offer fun for the beginner, intermediate and advanced paddler. Even if you are intending to be a fair-weather paddler, wind and weather can change in an instant so it is important to be prepared.

All of our staff at the store love paddling all over the Bruce Peninsula and can answer the questions you may have about deciding on the right length of kayak.

It is important to think about where you are headed when purchasing kayak.

Buying a kayak that will still serve you well with a few years of paddling practice is just as important as buying a kayak within your comfort level.

- Think about things like your height, weight, leg length.

- Remember that safety features are important.

- Do you need to lift the kayak on your own?