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Stand-Up Paddleboards

SUPs are sold in-store only.

Buying a SUP can be a daunting task but we are here to help!

How To pick what SUP is right?

 There are a few main
categories when it comes to SUPs (Stand-Up Paddleboards) and the common ones that we carry may include:

- Recreational: usually 10 ft. to 11 ft. long and often have a wider width for balance

- Touring: often 11ft. and above and are often less wide to help with efficiency and tracking and sometimes have a pointed nose to cut through
wave and chop

- Inflatable: these can be both recreational and touring and when the right brand is chosen, you can have a very durable SUP that is resistant to cracks and impact damage.

Some other categories can include whitewater, surfing, and racing.

Our store specializes in recreational and touring SUPs and recommend stopping by the store and talking to our knowledgeable staff to determine what style is best for you.

It can be difficult to determine what length to pick when it comes to stand-up paddleboarding. There are a number of factors that come into play when deciding what will work for you. Some of these factors may affect you more than others.

Experience level: Recreational stand-up paddleboarders may feel more comfortable with shorter and wider boards. This style of board is useful for maneuvering and paddling short distances. They excel in flat water and are great for those learning how to paddle. More advanced stand-up paddleboarders often choose to have better tracking ability and efficiency with boards that are narrower and longer. This often helps paddlers have the energy to travel farther distances for longer periods of time.

Activity Level: It is important for paddlers to determine where they intend to paddle and what their adventures may look like. Shorter boards are meant for all-around paddling and can be used for a few hours down the coast but may not be the most efficient. There are longer recreational and touring boards that provide efficiency and tracking ability to keep you going straight while travelling down the coast.

Weight Capacity: Weight does play a role when it comes to selecting a SUP. The longer and wider the SUP, the higher the weight capacity. Touring SUPs often have a higher weight capacity because some paddlers will choose to bring gear along with them. Many inflatable boards will often have a higher weight capacity because they have additional flotation added due to the air inside of them.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are fairly new concept in the paddling world, though there are a number of companies who have been making them for years. Below are a number of questions we get asked regularly about inflatable SUPs:

What are the benefits of an inflatable SUP?

  • Inflatable SUPs travel well and provide great storage when they are not in use.
  • Some brands offer great durability when it comes to the construction of the board.

Do inflatable SUPs hold up as well as hard SUPs?

  • It is important to do your research when it comes to brands that provide inflatable SUPs because there are so many on the paddling market right now.
  • When looking at durability of inflatable SUPs it is key to
    look at how the board is made. How many layers make up the board? What is the material? Is the board reinforced with drop stitches to hold air more consistently?
  • Check out what the company provides for a warranty that backs up their product.

Does it feel different when you paddle them?

  • If you have paddled hard boards before and are familiar with the way the SUP feels on the water you may notice slight difference when paddling the inflatable SUP.
  • Due to the board being filled with air there could be a slight echo when waves hit the board.
  • It is also important to pay attention to how the board is
    made and the level of PSI that is required to make the board rigid, this will greatly impact how the SUP reacts in the water when weight is applied.  

We have been carrying the brand Red Paddle for approx. 8 years and have had great success with the brand’s durability and performance. These SUPs are made up of 4 strong layers and reinforced with a drop stitch and are backed with a 5-year warranty on their product. If you have questions about inflatables and navigating what to purchase please reach out to our staff with any and all questions, we are happy to help.