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Ski Packages are sold in-store only.

Getting into a new sport can be daunting but we are here to help!

Looking to get into nordic skiing and don't know where to start?

There are three main techniques when it comes to nordic skiing:

  • Classic skiing
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Skate skiing

Classic skiing is often done on a groomed, track-set trail. Classic skis that require a grip zone under your feet which can be wax, fish scales or skins.

Backcountry skiing is also under the classic skiing category and requires a more stiff, wider ski for those looking to break their own trail in the bush. The skis are more rigid and durable allowing skiers to go over rocks and fence lines with ease.

Skate skiing is a unique style of nordic skiing that does not need a grip zone. Your forward momentum is coming from the weight transfer between skis while doing a skating motion. The skis are more stiff and shorter in length allowing for a fast skiing experience. This style of skiing requires a specialized groomed trail.

Sizing skis can be done through company size charts to get a general idea. We highly recommend coming in the store and talking to our knowledgeable staff about what gear will work best for you.

We use a combination of suggestions from the company, a very specific sizing board and our own personal experience to find the right size and style of ski for you. Though a ski works for your weight on paper, many variables can affect the performance of the ski. Some of these variables include:

  • experience
  • muscle mass
  • snow temperatures
  • skiing location
  • technique

Gone are the days of reaching up and sizing skis to your wrist. All skis are now sized by weight. If you are wanting a new set of skis, come in with your height, weight and shoe size ready to go.

Buying a season pass or day pass to the Bruce Ski Club provides you access to Sawmill Ski Trail and Colpoys Bay Trail. Sawmill Ski Trail is groomed for both classic and skate skiing and Colpoys Bay Trail is groomed for classic skiing.

You can also purchase a season pass or day pass for Sauble Ski club which is groomed for classic skiing.

Both of these trails are organized and run by volunteers and the purchasing of passes goes towards maintaining these communities.

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